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Pädagogische Psychologie
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Curriculum vitae

  • Education:
    • M. Sc., Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, 2000
    • Diplom, Psychologie, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, 2002
    • Dr. phil., Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, 2004
    • Habilitation für das Fach Psychologie, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, 2010
  • Position: Universitätsprofessor

Curriculum vitae (PDF)
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Selected Publication and Conference Contributions:

Loibl, K. & Rummel, N. (2014). Knowing what you don't know makes failure productive. Learning and Instruction, 34, 74-85.

Loibl, K., Roll, I. & Rummel, N. (2016). Towards a theory of when and how problem solving followed by instruction supports learning. Educational Psychology Review. DOI: 10.1007/s10648-016-9379-x.

Olsen, J.K., Aleven, V., & Rummel, N. (2017). Statistically modeling individual students’ learning over successive collaborative practice opportunities. Journal of Educational Measurement, 54 (1), 123–138.

Rau, M. A., Aleven, V., Rummel, N. (2015). Successful learning with multiple graphical representations and self-explanation prompts. Journal of Educational Psychology, 107(1), 30-46.

Rau, M. A., Aleven, V., & Rummel, N. (2016). Supporting students in making sense of connections and in becoming perceptually fluent in making connections among multiple graphical representations. Journal of Educational Psychology. DOI: 10.1037/edu0000145.

Rummel, N., & Spada, H. (2005). Learning to collaborate: An instructional approach to promoting collaborative problem-solving in computer-mediated settings. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 14(2), 201-241.

Rummel, N., Spada, H., & Hauser, S. (2009). Learning to collaborate from being scripted or from observing a model. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 4(1), 69-92.

Rummel, N., Mullins, D. & Spada, H. (2012). Scripted collaborative learning with the Cognitive Tutor Algebra. International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, 7(2), 307-339.

Rummel, N., Walker, E. & Aleven, V. (2016). Different futures of adaptive collaborative learning support. Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 26(2), 784-795.

Van Gog, T., & Rummel, N. (2010) Example-based learning: Integrating cognitive and social-cognitive research perspectives. Educational Psychology Review, 22(2), 155-174.

Full list of publications (pdf)

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