Welcome to the lab of Prof. Dr. Marc Stadtler, Arbeitsbereich "Kompetenzentwicklung und Kompetenzmodellierung"


The focus of our research is on developing and modelling competencies that people gain in an informal way, that is, outside of formal learning settings like schools or universities. We are interested in the results of informal learning processes as well as in the personal preconditions which make informal learning possible and successful.

Informal learning gains particular importance in the digital knowledge society, which stands out due to fast cultural and technological change, a high degree of specialization and immediate availability of information. Informal learning enables us to gain knowledge throughout the lifespan and makes personal growth as well as participation in society possible. That is why another key area of our work is the promotion of competencies needed for informal learning in school.


Ansprechpartner / Sekretariat

Stefanie Nüsken

Tel: 0234 / 32- 27324

Mail: kompetenzforschung@rub.de
Web: http://ife.rub.de/kom-kom

Raum: GA 2 / 32