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Projekte im Forschungsschwerpunkt

European Research Network on the Civic Role of Universities (ERNoCRU)
(Kooperationsprojekt mit den Universitäten Leuven, Nijmegen, Stirling, Helsinki und Warszawa)

It is wideley acknowledged today that the emerging European knowledge society confronts universities with new challenges. This project focusses in particular on challenges with regard to the civic and public role of the university and the integration of this role in academic education by taking into account different reaearch perspectives als well as differences among the member states. The objective is to come to an reflected and innovative understanding of these issues, to inform academics and policy makers and to stimulate a relevant and well-informed debate.

Ansprechpartner / Sekretariat

Bahar Oeztamur

Mail: tew@rub.de
Web: http://ife.rub.de/tew


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