Anouschka van Leeuwen

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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae 

Focus of research

  • teacher/teaching
  • teacher dashboards
  • learning analytics
  • collaborative learning
  • Current research project: "From Overload to Overview: Learning Analytics to Aid Teachers" (funded by NWO)

Selected Publication and Conference Contributions:

Popov, V., Van Leeuwen, A., & Buis, S. (2017). Are you with me or not? Temporal synchronicity and transactivity during CSCL. Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning. Online prepint. doi:10.1111/jcal.12185

Van Leeuwen, A., Van Wermeskerken, M., Erkens, G., & Rummel, N. (2017). Measuring teacher sense making strategies of learning analytics: a case study. Learning: Research and Practice. Online preprint.doi:10.1080/23735082.2017.1284252

Van Leeuwen, A. (2015). Learning analytics to support teachers during synchronous CSCL: Balancing between overview and overload. Journal of Learning Analytics, 2, 138–162.

Van Leeuwen, A., Janssen, J., Erkens, G., & Brekelmans, M. (2015). Teacher regulation of multiple computer-supported collaborating groups. Computers in Human Behavior52, 233–242. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2015.05.058

Van Leeuwen, A., Janssen, J., Erkens, G., & Brekelmans, M. (2014). Supporting teachers in guiding collaborating students: Effects of learning analytics in CSCL. Computers & Education, 79, 28–39. doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2014.07.007

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Rubicon Projekt

Laufzeit: Oktober 2016 – April 2018


Collaborative learning is very effective, at least when adaptive supported is provided. Providing adaptive support, however, imposes on teachers the demanding if not impossible task of maintaining an overview of students’ collaborative activities, evaluating those, and intervening when necessary. When supported by computer software, collaboration leaves “digital traces”. The collection and analysis of these traces (i.e., learning analytics; LA) has the potential to help teachers move from overload to overview of students’ collaboration. This Rubicon project investigates in what form Teacher Dashboards with LA are able to support teachers.